Parking Information


You are assigned ONE parking space when you arrive. You are allowed to have only ONE vehicle (per unit rented) parked in the yard during your stay. We do not have enough room for everyone to have two parking spaces, therefore, everyone will have one space only.

Please note: Due to new town overnight parking regulations, overnight parking is no longer allowed at the street parking meters or on the road into the high school. If you bring a second vehicle, you are responsible for finding a place to park it.

These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about parking:

"We’re having a guest visit us for the day. Is it OK for him to park in my space if I move my vehicle out of the yard?"

Yes. You have one space in the yard and you may park any vehicle in that space.

"May we bring an extra vehicle into the yard to unload?"

Only if you unpack right away and move the vehicle out of the yard as soon a you are done! Do not leave the vehicle unattended and go into the cottage to "rest", or go to check out the beach after you have unpacked. You must move the vehicle right away!

"It’s so busy at the beach today, I can’t find a parking space. May I leave my extra car in the yard until a space on the street opens up?"

NO. Park at the High School, on the road to the school, or in a private parking area.

"I have two small cars, may I park them in back of each other?"

NO. One vehicle only!

"I see you have a vacancy. May I park my extra car in that space?"

NO. Only one vehicle per unit is allowed under any circumstances.

"Where can I park my extra vehicle?"

You may no longer park your vehicle on the street or on the road to the high school overnight. Due to new town overnight parking regulations. Parking on the street at the meters is available during the day. Free parking, daytime only, you may park your car on the road to York High School or at the High School (about a distance of three blocks). Last summer (2017), the town was still allowing overnight parking in the High School parking lot. You would need to be confirm, by contacting the York Police Department, that parking overight at the High School will still be available for 2018 summer season.

If you have handicapped license plates, parking at the meters during the day is free!

If your extra vehicle is a motorcycle, call us in advance to make parking arrangements.